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Gladwyn Financial Advisors guides clients to personal financial success by bringing clarity and simplicity to the seemingly complex world of financial planning and long-term investing. 

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Timothy T. Murray, CFP  , CDFA , M.Ed.
Founder & President
Professional Certifications
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Gladwyn Financial Advisors, Inc. is owned and operated by Timothy T. Murray and his wife Polly A. Murray. Tim has lived in Northern Virginia since 1972, has been a small business owner since 1993, and a financial planner since 2002. He is the proud father of three grown children.  


A 1986 graduate of Virginia Tech, Tim worked as a Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor for 7 years and as a co-owner (with Polly) of an after-school tutoring center for 8 years. While running the tutoring center, Tim earned his Master's Degree in Education at George Mason University and taught public school (2nd grade) for two years.  


He is an avid sports fan, community leader, and very average golfer. He also enjoys traveling and birding.

Tim's Financial Planning Background

In 2000, Tim and Polly closed their learning center to allow Tim to fully pursue what had been, for many years, his undeniable interest — personal finance. After completing the required coursework and passing the CFP  exam in 2002, Tim affiliated with Capital Planning & Investments, Inc. in Fairfax, as a financial planner and investment advisor.


In 2005, Tim decided to go it alone and founded Murray Financial, Inc., a registered investment advisory (RIA) firm, which was subsequently renamed Gladwyn Financial Advisors in 2021. Tim’s motivation to start this business was his belief that fee-based investment advice alone, as opposed to dual agency (fee and commissioned based) was most appropriate for, not only him, but more importantly, his clients.


As an RIA-only, Tim was then able to serve his clients without the corporate or institutional conflicts-of-interest prevalent in the financial services industry. Gladwyn’s investment advice revenue is limited to hourly charges or fees based on assets under management (AUM).


Tim has prepared personal income tax returns since 1986. He is a member of the National Association of Tax Preparers and annually maintains and improves his tax knowledge by way of continuing education courses.


In 2006, after discovering that several new clients had previously made very poor divorce settlement decisions, Tim went back to school (again) to earn the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®) designation so that he could be better equipped to help those going through this very emotional difficult and financially trying time.


With Tim's wide range of education, work, and life experiences, he provides a broad and balanced perspective to financial decisions. He enjoys and is fully dedicated to educating others on their personal finances.


Whether you are a recent retiree, in mid-career, a small business owner, or a new college graduate, Tim and his team are prepared to help you meet your financial goals and provide you with client-centered financial planning, investment, and tax advice.

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