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Your Guide to Personal Financial Success

The financial services industry often uses continuous stock market and business news updates to engender worry and "fear of missing out". This emotional state can lead to the sale and purchase of expensive, complicated, and often inappropriate investments.


We at Gladwyn Financial Advisors do the opposite. We ignore the noise and embrace simplicity with our financial planning and investment advice.


We believe that no one can forecast the economy with any precision, time the markets so as to gain a consistent advantage over them, nor identify managed investments which will consistently outperform their respective indexes.  

Since 2005, Gladwyn has focused on helping individuals and families ignore the frenetic financial news and simply follow their plan. As a result, Gladwyn clients have less investment anxiety and greater financial peace of mind.


While we are based in Northern Virginia, we are a location-independent advisory firm and serve clients throughout the country.

How We Are Different
A Typical Broker or Salesperson may...

Provide investment buy or sell recommendations without a fiduciary duty to place the client’s interests ahead of their own.

Pre-select specific financial products (often with attractive commissions) prior to developing the financial or investment plan.

Recommend expensive actively managed mutual funds.

Disclose that they do not provide tax advice and request clients consult their own tax advisor prior to making any investment decisions.

Recommend specific stocks and or investment categories based on dubious “research”.

Suggest that their investment recommendations will “beat the market”.

Gladwyn Financial Advisors...

Provide investment advice as fiduciaries 100% of the time. The client’s interests are always paramount.

Recommend specific investments as the final step. Financial products have no bearing on how the plan is written.

Recommend low-cost passive index funds.

Provide comprehensive tax advice. Every aspect of financial planning and investment advice has an income tax ramification.


Do not have a crystal ball. Instead, clients “own nearly everything” via well-diversified portfolios utilizing multiple stock and bond categories —  rebalancing when warranted. 

Believe that market returns via low-cost index funds are sufficient for reaching investment goals. We forego gambling on individual securities or higher cost actively managed mutual funds.

Our Team

Tim Murray 1.jpg
Timothy T. Murray, CFP  , CDFA
Founder & President

Gladwyn offers comprehensive financial advisory services for clients of all financial circumstances. 

Whether you are a recent retiree, in mid-career, a small business owner, or a new college graduate, we are ready to support your financial goals and provide you with client-centered planning, investment advice, and income tax guidance. 

Our Services

Investment Advice

Our disciplined investment strategies are designed to drive long-term growth to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Retirement Planning

At retirement, your whole financial life essentially comes down to one question: Will your money outlive you or will you outlive your money?

Financial Planning

We look at a client's entire financial picture, help set realistic short-term and long-term financial goals, and develop plans to reach them.

Education Planning

With skyrocketing college costs, education savings has become a major component of sound financial planning.

Divorce Financial Analysis

​This specialty area focuses on the significant financial ramifications of divorce. Advice is provided prior to a separation or during the divorce process.

Tax Planning

Nearly every aspect of financial and investment advice has income tax ramifications.

Our advisors provide individual income tax advice.

Insurance Advice

Insurance, which protects assets and resources, is essential to sound and comprehensive financial planning.

Estate Planning

Your estate consists of everything you own. Estate planning is making decisions, in advance, for what happens to the assets you leave behind. Minimally, one should have a will, power-of-attorney, and advanced medical directive.

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